Colleges That Produce the Best NFL Players

The NFL relies on the draft for new talent every season, and players find their way from the college ranks to the pros via their respective colleges. Each college produces a fair share of NFL players, but some schools are much better at talent-production than others. This article explains a few schools that has offered the greatest pool of talent to the NFL. Fans have seen these players for years, but they may not realize the players come from a handful of schools.

#1: Ohio State

Ohio State recruits talent from across the nation every year, and they prepare players for the rugged grind of the NFL. Sons of farmers doing back-breaking labor in the trenches make their way to the NFL every year from Columbus. The horseshoe hosts football games in a conference where the line of scrimmage is valued, and linemen often come from the conference to the NFL. Filling the line of scrimmage is the job of the Big Ten, but it is specifically the job of The Ohio State University.

#2: Michigan

Ohio State and Michigan are bitter rivals engaged in a feud that goes as deep as the state’s boundaries. The two teams fight for kids every year, and Michigan produces just as many talented players as Ohio State. Their record in the draft is not quite as good as that of OSU, but they do good job nonetheless.

#3: Georgia

Georgia is famous for producing players who are more productive in the NFL than they are in college. Thomas Davis was great at Georgia, but he is a hall of famer caliber player in the NFL. They have produced players such as Hershel Walker, Garrison Hearst and Fran Tarkenton. These players become superstars in the NFL, and they are often the most-sought after players in the league.

#4: Florida

Florida has a long tradition of producing NFL talent, but they do so in a unique way. They are not known for one position or another. They will send many great players on offense to the NFL today, but they will send several great players on defense next year. The school fluctuates given the temperature of the waters.

#5: Alabama

Alabama has had its ups and downs through the years, but they are currently the best team in college football. They recruit kids by telling them they will come to Alabama, and the players flock to the school because they want to say they played for Alabama. The belief is that Alabama and Nick Saban prepare players for the NFL in a way that no other school does. Players who come to Alabama are given the most face-time in most cases, and they have more than enough publicity for their budding careers before the combine.

#6: Honorable Mention: Miami and USC

Miami and USC are incredible schools that have fallen on hard times, but each team recruits fine players. Young men go to USC and Miami because they believe in the power of the programs, and they wish to play under the lights of the Orange Bowl or the Rose Bowl. Their careers begin in a place where the bright lights and big city are shining every Saturday night, and NFL teams show up to see each great talent on the field.

The schools producing the finest talent include the Big Ten, Pac 10, SEC and ACC. Other schools not mentioned are Oklahoma, Texas, Notre Dame and Wisconsin. The best players flock to the best programs in search of the elusive dream of the NFL, and their preparations are enhanced the moment they arrive on the campus of their chosen school.