College Coaches that Failed in the NFL

There are many talented college football coaches. However, some of the coaches for whatever reason failed in the NFL. Possibly the failure was due to the fact that these coaches simply lacked something that prevented then from making it within the NFL.

Lou Saban Jr. is a head football coach at the University of Alabama. Saban has held this position as coach since 2007. Lou Saban had an 8 year contract which grosses him over $30 million dollars. This salary made Saban one of the highest paid football coaches.

Lou Saban Jr has led the University of Alabama into many victories. In 2008, Saban was named by Forbes Magazine one of the “Most Powerful Coaches in Sports”. Another victory for Saban came in 2013. In 2013 Saban was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

Many coaches that worked under Lou Saban went on to very successful careers within the coaching arena. Saban and his wife are the founders of an organization called “Nicks Kids”. This organization strives to help children whom are mentally challenged.

In spite of Lou Saban’s exceptional coaching abilities and charitable work, he never quite made it to the NFL. Many have wondered as to why Saban failed in the NFL. Possibly it is just one of those things that happens to coaches. It seems at least for now Saban is content with what he does and the money is certainly nothing to complain about.

Butch Davis is an American football coach. Currently Butch Davis is head football coach at Florida international University. Davis has previously coached the Cleveland Browns and the University of Miami football team.

In 2011 an NCAA investigation resulted in Butch Davis being dismissed from the Tar Heels football team. David was hired in 2012 by Tampa Bay as an advisor. Butch is yet another coach that is talented by failed in the NFL.

Some feel that the 2011 NCAA investigation may have prevented Butch from moving into a well recognized NFL position. Davis may not have received the recognition he feels he may deserve but you must admit he has been quite successful in his own right.

Lou Holtz is a former football player, coach as well as analyst. Holtz last coaching position was in 2004 when he was coaching the South Carolina Gamecocks. Other coaching positions that Holtz held were with University of Notre Dame and the University of Minnesota.

Lou Holtz also coached the New York Jets for a brief period. Holtz has an incredible ability to inspire players to be the best they can possibly be. Holtz has an upbeat and very positive attitude which has served himself and his players quite well.

In 2005 Holtz joined ESPN as a college football analyst. In addition, Holtz has also appeared on various radio and television shows. Holtz is also a talented broadcaster.

During his years playing football, Holtz was an effective linebacker. Once his football career ended he began coaching football teams. Holtz has brought something very special to all of his players over the years. Holtz has great talent and is apparently a very likable person.

In spite of the many successes Holtz has had over the years he never made it to the NFL. Some refer to the NFL as the “Big Time”. Not making it to the NFL did nothing to slow down Lou Holtz ambitions and goals. In 2012 Holtz was inducted into the “Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame”.

In 2012 Holtz was also honored with an Honorary Doctorate in Public Service from Trine University. One year prior to receiving his Honorary Doctorate, Holtz was elected to the Board of Directors of Trine University.

Many of the most talented college football coaches failed in the NFL. However, they have still has quite successful careers that have made many of them a true household name.